FP Opening in the CBD!

Jan 26, 2015 4:29:23 PM


The talk about town is FP Juice is coming to the CBD. People who know us can¹t wait to get our great organic juices on their desks and into their office pantries.

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Change it Up in 2015 with an FP Juice Cleanse

It is no mystery some of us indulge a bit too much throughout the holiday season, be it on rich gravies or sugary treats, eating in excess tends to occur more often than not. It is also safe to say there is a certain amount of guilt and even a bit of anger associated with these indulgences. You may have put on some weight, you may have compromised your health in some way, or you may have interrupted some other area of your life due to the excesses that occurred over the holiday season. What is the solution?

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Cold Pressed Juices: Believe The Hype

Dec 22, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Cold Pressed Juices v Extractor

The benefits of pure juice have long been appreciated among the health-conscious, but a new kid on the block is taking the world by storm: cold pressed juice. The question begs: what is so special about cold pressing, and how does the process differ from the more traditional method of centrifugal extraction?

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Why Juices Can Cleanse Both Body and Mind

There’s nothing like holiday festivities to get you in the mood, invariably bringing along an overindulgence of rich food, plenty of alcohol, and inadequate sleep mixed in for good measure. When the party is over, merriment is often replaced with lethargy, stomach complaints, and a sense of being out of sorts. If you’re suffering a fallout from the holiday season, a juice cleanse could be the answer.

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Stay ahead of the bulge this holiday season by starting December off with a detoxing juice cleanse.


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