Why Juices Can Cleanse Both Body and Mind

There’s nothing like holiday festivities to get you in the mood, invariably bringing along an overindulgence of rich food, plenty of alcohol, and inadequate sleep mixed in for good measure. When the party is over, merriment is often replaced with lethargy, stomach complaints, and a sense of being out of sorts. If you’re suffering a fallout from the holiday season, a juice cleanse could be the answer.

Rescue Your Body!
So the party is over, and your body is calling out to be rescued - even just a few days of overindulgence can leave your system out of whack, affecting every part of your body, both mentally and physically. One of the easiest ways to reset your body’s status quo is to turn to a juice cleanse; fortified with nutritious, natural ingredients, they allow your digestive system to eliminate harmful toxins, and provide your body with the opportunity to rest and recuperate.

Give Your Digestive System a Helping Hand
Overindulging during the holiday period forces the digestive system to work much harder to rid the body of pollutants. Foods such as saturated fats and highly refined carbs contain toxins that are very difficult for the stomach to break down. Allowing your body time-out from food that is hard to digest will alleviate painful stomach problems and troublesome gas, and give your body the opportunity to begin repairing the digestive system, kidneys, and improve liver function.

Get Those Energy Levels Up
The aftermath of the holiday season can leave you feeling lethargic and lacklustre. Drinking nutritious juices in place of rich food, or caffeine laden beverages, visibly increases energy levels. When your body is no longer forced to invest all its energy in the digestive system, it cultivates a sensation of being alive, present in the moment, and full of beans. Conversely, a juice cleanse can have a notable effect on sleep: although you feel more energised, you may find you sleep better than ever before. Additionally, you can help combat insomnia by simply eliminating caffeine from your diet and replacing it with a healthy juice cleanse.

You’ll Positively Glow!
Overdoing it during the holidays can leave your hair and skin looking dull. A juice cleanse works wonders by rehydrating the body, and restoring its natural balance, leaving hair shiny and skin positively glowing. This rehydration, plus the elimination of toxins brought about by a juice cleanse, can also help clear up skin ailments such as acne, blemishes, psoriasis and eczema.

It’s Not Just for the Holidays
The holiday period brings excesses of all kinds: too much food and alcohol, and all too often inadequate sleep. A juice cleanse can help counteract damaging effects of the party season as we’ve highlighted above, but it can also have life-long benefits, which include helping you lose a few pounds, increasing your flexibility and mobility, alleviating migraines, and balancing your nervous system.

Rise to the Challenge!
Using juice to cleanse your system can have a wonderful effect not only physically, but mentally, too. A common emotion after partaking in holiday excesses is to feel guilty, or disappointed regarding how much you’ve overindulged. Taking control of the situation and doing something about it can improve confidence, and restore your sense of pride as well as a healthy digestive system. Taking the initiative to begin a challenge that will undoubtedly stretch you, both mentally and physically, will bring with it an unbeatable feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

De-clutter the Mind
Juices are just as adept at cleansing the mind as well as the body. No longer having to worry about what to cook for dinner, or when you need to eat next, can prove immensely liberating. It also prevents the niggling, internal voice that battles inside many of us when we eat or drink something we feel we perhaps shouldn’t; it de-clutters the mind, bringing with it a sense of calmness.
An unhealthy diet can play a contributory role in many mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety. Although by no means a cure for serious conditions, a juice cleanse can often help de-fog the brain, decrease irritability, and allow you to view situations with improved clarity and focus, subsequently opening up a world where you feel more optimistic and positive.

Just because you’ve entered into the holiday spirit a little too exuberantly; all is not lost. A powerful, nutrition-packed juice cleanse will soon set you on the right path!