Change it Up in 2015 with an FP Juice Cleanse

It is no mystery some of us indulge a bit too much throughout the holiday season, be it on rich gravies or sugary treats, eating in excess tends to occur more often than not. It is also safe to say there is a certain amount of guilt and even a bit of anger associated with these indulgences. You may have put on some weight, you may have compromised your health in some way, or you may have interrupted some other area of your life due to the excesses that occurred over the holiday season. What is the solution?

Change it up in 2015 with a detoxing juice cleanse to rid yourself physically and mentally of this excess.

There are a number of benefits to cleansing following the holiday season. One thing to consider is beginning the New Year by challenging yourself to complete a juice cleanse without consuming any food. This will not only help you cleanse your body, but you will feel good about yourself for overcoming the challenge getting yourself off to a great start for the New Year. The good news is this cleanse does not have to take place for a long period of time in order to break your romance with unhealthy food and get you back on track toward good health.

Go for Organic Produce

In order to ensure you are making the best of your juice cleanse and truly doing the best for your body, FP Juice uses organic produce for your juices. This is what’s called “clean” eating. Otherwise you are introducing pesticides and other toxins back into your body throughout your cleansing period and it will defeat the purpose of this exercise. Your body is trying to clear out herbicides, pesticides and other toxins that are found in non-organic foods while you are on your juicing cleanse, this is a great benefit of following one of our FP Juice Cleanses as our juice are all organic compared to many other juice companies.

The Benefits of Cleansing

Stomach Rest: Millions of people use acid-suppressing medications, or are older people who are unable to create their own stomach acid, the stomach will work less during the extraction of nutrients and this is very beneficial. Less of the stomach's acid is required to process juice, but it is important for you to still chew it a little so you are releasing oral enzymes into your body. This further eases digestion.

Appetite Reduction: your stomach will not actually shrink while you are juicing, however it will feel like this is happening. The act of "comfort eating" is eliminated during juicing. You feel satiated when consuming far less food than you are used to eating. You are provided with the psychological boost necessary to help you jump the next hurdle the challenge of changing habits presents.

Body Rehydration: it is not uncommon for the average person to consume an inadequate amount of fluids because their main beverages of choice or diuretics such as tea or coffee. When consuming sufficient fluids (between 5-6 glasses daily) the body will function more efficiently, you will have more energy, you will experience less brain fog, and this will improve proper elimination of toxins within the body.

Cell Healing: When we switch to a plant-based diet that is organic, this allows our cells to work at an optimal level. Remember that juicing is not for all people, though. It is important to check with your doctor before going on a juice cleanse, especially for those who are pregnant, diabetic, underweight, have heart issues, or blood sugar that is low.

After the Cleanse

Once you finish cleansing, it is important to continue your road to health through the continuation of breaking bad habits. Even though you are initially removing the excess that occurred throughout the holidays, it is important not to pick up where you left off and eat like you did before the cleanse. Otherwise, your body could potentially hold on to that fat and you may see weight gain. This will, in turn, result in an unhealthy outcome. To help aid in the addition of protein and help stave off the craving of fatty foods following your cleansing routine, consider adding organic nut milks to your juices.

Continue Juicing

Don’t let go of this habit even though you are no longer cleansing. Juicing holds many nutritional benefits and will continue helping you on your road to a healthier you during the New Year. Rather than choosing a bagel for breakfast in the morning, juice instead. Swap out a sweet treat in the afternoon with a healthy glass of juice. These changes add up to health benefits you will be thankful for in the long run. FP Juice offers juices by bottles at our outlets as well as small quantity deliveries straight to your door step or desk. So change it up for 2015, take action now and order a Juice Cleanse from FP Juice, and never look back.