FP Opening in the CBD!

The talk about town is FP Juice is coming to the CBD. People who know us can't wait to get our great organic juices on their desks and into their office pantries.
People who haven't yet been introduced to FP are seeing the boards in town and are looking forward to having cold pressed juice next to where they work. We're just juiced (pardon the pun) to bring our health focused beverages to the business district where people need a dose of healthy F&B options within walking distance.

We couldn't be more excited to be opening our 2nd permanent outlet. A lot of thought and planning goes into this project and we're looking forward to the end result.

In preparation for the move into the CBD, we've upgraded our production facilities and built an AVA approved juice lab to make the juices fresh all day long. With this in place, we're planning to have enough juice on hand for anyone who walks in our doors.

We're also excited that our CBD outlet will have more than juices on offer. Exactly what's going to be on the menu we'll leave as a surprise for when we open, but we'll be dropping some hints along the way. See you soon!