Juice Spotlight: Veggie Berry

We know that apples, blueberries, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes are all good for our body, promoting our health and well-being in various ways. But just imagine all of these fruits and all their benefits coming together… in a bottle for the absolute easiest intake. That’s essentially what FP Juice’s Veggie Berry is all about. And it’s our very own detox solution!

Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy through the individual fruits:

The classic an-apple-a-day doesn’t keep the doctor away for no good reason. It’s endless list of health benefits ranges from keeping your teeth white to decreasing your risk of diabetes.

Consuming broccoli decreases the risk of obesity and heart diseases, and promotes a healthy complexion and hair while increasing energy.

Considered a superstar fruit in some places, blueberries are not only popular but also repeatedly ranked in the U.S. diet as having one of the highest antioxidant capacities among all fruits.

Coupled with carrots and tomatoes, both also acting as a strong antioxidants, they work well together to protect your cells and DNA from damage by free radicals. All while lowering the risk of infection and cancer. Together, they work to regulate your blood sugar levels as well!

It all seems too easy, but staying healthy need not be hard. A bottle of Veggie Berry for a quick detox definitely fits into your busy schedule, so now there’s no excuse!

Juice Spotlight: Veggie Berry