Cold Pressed Juices

Cold pressing, also known as Slow pressing, is a method of juicing fruits that ensures the resulting juice retains the highest degree of nutrients. Cold pressed juices can contain up to 5 times more vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes than blended juices. That means it tastes good and does good! By using a slow rotating vice which literally squeezes the fruits to a pulp, there is less heat than using a high speed spinning blade which can potentially destroy the nutrients in the juice. Cold pressing results in more of the nutrients being preserved for the body to absorb when drank. That's why this is our favourite way of drinking our FP Juice juices!

Experts say that we should be getting up to 75% of our diet from raw foods, but the reality of doing that on a daily basis is challenging to say the least. Even if you take vitamins and supplements in pill or powder form, the natural enzymes in vegetables and fruit combine with the vitamins to enhance the body's ability to absorb these nutrients in a way pills have not yet been able to replicate. That's where drinking cold pressed juices comes in. Some drinks contain up to 2 kilos of vegetables in them, ensuring you get all the daily nutrients you need.

How about Blended Juices?

Blending fruits has the benefit of keeping some of the fibre of the fruit in the drinks which in turn helps the digestive system stay on track. It also allows for a greater variety of ingredients to be used in a juice as not all fruits and vegetables can be put in a cold press machine. That's why here at the FP Juice cafe we love blending our way to some deliciously unexpected flavours.