Why Cleanse

Are you feeling drained and fatigued? Experiencing Headaches, gas, irritability, or insomnia? All these and more can be signs of toxic build up in the body.

Over time, our body builds up toxins from pesticides, cleaning chemicals, pollution, overindulgences, and body waste. Organs like your liver, kidneys, and colon are under constant stress processing these toxins so it's important to give your body a rest from the constant digestion of solid foods.


FP Juice is here to help!

Now's the time to start a FP Juice Cleanse to kick start your health and feel energetic, fresh, and radiant. As you'll soon see for yourself, a juice cleanse not only clears the inside, it also benefits the outside, visible from your skin to your hair.

It's important to note that doing a juice cleanse is not about starving yourself, nor should it be seen as a weight loss tool. The FP Juice cleanse provides all the essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy while also maximizing the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. The live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals found in the juices bind with harmful toxins and carry them out of the body, helping you look and feel great!

We offer 1, 3, and 5 day cleanses that you can follow, only drinking our delicious cold pressed juices which are cold pressed daily. The break from eating solid foods combined with the intake of our nutritionally balanced juices will have you feeling reenergized and reinvigorated in no time!